The Art of Choosing the Perfect Mirror: Explore 3 Brilliant Ways to Style an Interior with Mirrors

In the context of today’s society, mirrors have become much more than just a reflective tool to help you get ready in the morning or a perfect night out. Over the years, mirrors have undeniably proven its worth as an effective interior design tool. It is astounding how the addition of mirrors can transform an interior space. Mirrors have the unique ability to not only fulfil the functional aspects, but also the creative aspects of interior design. Mirrors come in different shapes, sizes and styles. Hence, the art of choosing the perfect mirror for an interior is vital.


Discover our designer’s take on how you can style your interior with mirrors.


  1. Amplifying an Interior Space

                                                                                               Lloyd Sixty Five Residences, Singapore

Mirrors are known to have the ability to reflect and amplify light. Placing a large full length mirror in the living room, dining area or bedroom would deceive the eye and mind into thinking that the area is much more spacious than it looks. Hence, mirrors help to open up an enclosed space and create an illusion of having a bigger surface area.

  1. Decorative Object / A Statement Piece
                                                                                                                                 The Tate, Singapore

                                                                                                                  Bedok Residence, Singapore

Mirrors can also act as a statement piece or decorative object to embellish an interior. As mentioned, mirrors come in different shapes, sizes and styles. A thoughtfully chosen and well-positioned mirror would accentuate the character of an interior.

  1. Brightening up an Interior with Natural Light

                                                                                                              Leedon Residence, Singapore

A well-positioned mirror could also help to effectively brighten up an interior. Maximise the amount of natural light penetrating through the window to brighten up an interior space, by placing a mirror beside or opposite a window. The light reflected by the mirror would bounce around the space, illuminating even the dark corners of the interior.