A glimpse into the world of Interior Design: Up close with Principal Designer Marilyn Tan

Marquis Homestyling is a boutique design firm in Singapore which specialises in creating luxury residential and commercial spaces as well as show-flats. The company partners with leading property developers and individual clients to deliver timeless interiors.

When it comes to interior design, the possibilities for creativity and innovation are endless. A home is not only your safe harbour, but also offers the outside world a glimpse into your personality. Think of your home as a blank canvas on which you can inject colours to tell your story. Every little detail you add puts a daub of paint onto that canvas, eventually turning it into your very own masterpiece.

Every homeowner has their unique style and way of life. Hence, choosing the right interior designer to design your home is important. We spoke to Marilyn Tan, our very own Principal Designer, to find out more about interior design and some of the challenges she faces in the industry.

What, where and/or who do you get design inspirations from?

Design inspirations can come in many forms be it words, articles, illustrations or trends. I get my design inspirations from multiple sources. Most of all, my design inspirations come from things happening around me. This year, what inspired me the most was the Milan Fair. The Milan fair was exciting, bold and refreshing. It opened my eyes to many new interesting trends, allowing me to explore new ideas or even build on one. This helped tremendously in my creative-thinking process.


What would you say is the most challenging part of interior design?

As the scope and requirements for each individual project is different, every project has its own challenges.

When carrying out residential projects, one of the challenges I face would be how to design the interior to better cater to my client’s individual needs. More often than not, private clients have some influence in the design process. This means that from time to time, we have to blend in traditions and beliefs (such as the art of Fengshui) with the design concept. Hence, being able to seemlessly blend in traditions with modernity is vital.

Our design team also once worked with a client who could not look at objects that has a 90 degree angled corner at eye level. Designing this home required in-depth understanding of the client’s way of life as well as precise conceptualisation. Keeping that in mind, our team managed to curate a comfortable and beautiful home for her to live within her comfort zones.

On the other hand, working with developers is very different. When it comes to working with developers, it is important to design a space that would value-add to the apartment.

In the latest addition to our portfolio, the Marquis Homestyling team worked closely with the developers of Lloyd SixtyFive to design a series of show-flats. For the loft apartment, the design team maximized and transformed the double-volume loft space from a 2+1 bedroom into a 3-bedroom unit. What was formerly a 68.2 SqFt study room was extended to a 125.8 SqFt bedroom that could not only house a queen-sized bed but also a walk-in wardrobe, dressing table and TV panel. This value-added to the apartment and created a spacious yet functional appeal, enhancing the overall sense of depth and volume.

Living in an ever-changing design world, it is important to keep our designs relevant, functional and distinctive. We spend a lot time keeping ourselves up-to-date with new design trends and materials, so as to remain competitive.


What is your biggest takeaway from being in this industry, thus far?

I would say that the biggest takeaway from being in this industry would be meeting new people, creating homes and fulfilling dreams. I personally feel that it is a very meaningful industry to be in.